Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wilbur: The "Flying" Gecko

This is our next project in traditional animation. We drew an animal out of a hat and we had to make a character with the animal we were given and decide a scenario for him. So mine is Wilbur and he is a gecko that thinks he can fly. The idea for this came after looking at this photo...        
 To me, this gecko looks like he thinks he can fly and so my ideas went on from there. Later on we will be animating this character to do a jump. Mine will be jumping, but in his mind he will be "flying". Its definitely going to require a lot of acting to be able to get that point across. We'll see how this turns out...

Flour sack

My flour sack animation. The flour sack had to jump and do some acting. This s pretty a mixture of everything we have learned so far: arcs, overlapping action, follow through, and line of action, and it was all taken to a higher level. The acting  and making an actual form with weight were the newer parts of this project.