Thursday, June 2, 2011


So its been a month into to this lovely summer vacation already! I dedcided that I would take a real break up unitl June and then its back to work. So yesterday I started modeling my characters for thesis! Woo! My thesis is going to be so much fun! My other plans for the summer are to brush up on my figure work by doing daily drawings and studies from my Bridgman book. I also plan on reading som eof my storyboarding books that have regrettably been just sitting on my shelf... I also nee to watch more movies, and finally I will be working on a personal project with a friend. We had an idea to start a webcomic. We worked on our story idea together and now we are focusing on our specialties. She wants to be a writer so she's writing the chapters while I work on th edesigns. ONce I et my designs all figured out I'll start illutrating the panels. Its a pretty epic story and I'm excited about! I'll probably be posting some of my designs here as I work on them so If you are a follower you'll get a special sneak peak! When its ready it will have its own website. Its gonna be really cool so build up your excitement now...

Thats about it for my summer plans. OH!! actually I'll be heading out to Vancouver in August to be a student volunteer at SIGGRAPH! Last year was great and I can't wait to do it again! Gotta make those important proffessional connections. So I'll be sprucing up my portfolio and making a business card to take with me. If any one else out there is going as an attendee or volunteer give me a shout out! I'd love the chance to meet you :)

Ok so now its really it. Be on the look out for updates!