Friday, June 15, 2012

I can never decide how I like to color things! I feel like I do something different every time I try. So I'm still experimenting with what I like to do. I love keeping things simple but I still haven't found the balance between staying simple and achieving what I want. And I always like my sketches more than anything I actually color and finish. Still have a lot to learn and figure out!

Anyways, I took a storytelling class in my last semester and each week we wrote a scene, basically a short 1-2 page story. I actually liked a lot of the ones I wrote so I'm working on turning them into storyboards so I can keep up my boarding. This is from one of those stories. These 3 kids are the main characters. I'm still working on thumbnails now so I'll show you the finished product soon!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Childhood memories

My dad likes to tell this story a lot...

-muppet babies theme song-

Papi: "Katya, lets go take a nap."

Katya: "But I not tired."

Papi: "Fine, then can you wake me up in 30 min?"

Katya: "Ok!"


Katya: "Papi..."

 Papi: "Huh..."

Papi: "Ugh, Katya."

Papi: "Its only been a minute." 

 Papi: "When the big thing..."

Papi: "Get's down here you wake me up."

Papi: "Ok?'


-pat pat pat pat-
Papi: "KATYA!"

I'm pretty sure this happened multiple times because my dad tells it as if I was really little, like 3 or something. But I still remember doing this up until I was about 7. I remember thinking to myself "It feels like its been a really long time, so it must be time for Papi to wake up." But I was always too early.