Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Childhood memories

My dad likes to tell this story a lot...

-muppet babies theme song-

Papi: "Katya, lets go take a nap."

Katya: "But I not tired."

Papi: "Fine, then can you wake me up in 30 min?"

Katya: "Ok!"


Katya: "Papi..."

 Papi: "Huh..."

Papi: "Ugh, Katya."

Papi: "Its only been a minute." 

 Papi: "When the big thing..."

Papi: "Get's down here you wake me up."

Papi: "Ok?'


-pat pat pat pat-
Papi: "KATYA!"

I'm pretty sure this happened multiple times because my dad tells it as if I was really little, like 3 or something. But I still remember doing this up until I was about 7. I remember thinking to myself "It feels like its been a really long time, so it must be time for Papi to wake up." But I was always too early.

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