Thursday, September 16, 2010

Valet: process

Here is some process work for the valet story. This story has changed a lot since I first pitched it to the class.

It started off being about a guy who is late for his date and gets caught in a revovling door trying to pick up his inhaler that her dropped. It started off too complicated so I had to simplify it A LOT.


So I changed it to a door man who is really bored so he decides he wants to have fun with the door and play in it. Then a big guy comes and interrupts his fun. I had definitely simplified the story but there was one big issue that came up: why do you need a doorman for a revolving door. So I changed it to a Valet man.

We then went to the Florida Studio Theater and shot reference there and learned about acting in general.

So I grabbed these still from the reference. they are moments, actions and emotions I wanna use in my animatic.

So I drew out my iconic moments, the once I got that worked out I drew my boards. I did a first version of the animatic, (which I'll post on here soon...) and after the critique I came up with the version that is in the previous post :)

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