Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lip Sync Animation

Yay its done! I've been working on this the whole semester :)  I'm responsible for everything except for the little bit of music at the end. That is done by my awesome husband Seth Bowser :) This turned out pretty well, I'm happy with it. There are still some little tweaky thing I could always fix but I like where it ended up.

looking over it again I now see how the hand kinda freaks out when it comes off of her head. woops! i'll go back and fix that later.... :D

Lipsync from Katya Bowser on Vimeo.


Dougmian said...

You have great stuffs here on your blog! I like the way you mixed a 3D animation with the background in 2D!
Now I'm a follower of your blog!

Katya Zoe said...

Wow, Thanks so much!!! Your stuff is great too! I'm following back :D

Richard Plata said...

i can't scape... the cuteness. Lol.
nice exercise!

Adam said...

Nice. :D