Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Business Cards!!

My business cards came in!! I decided to show them in a blog post because some explaining goes along with them. I want to get in to the story boarding field and I wanted a business card that would express that. I thought so much about it and had no idea what to do. So I went to http:us.moo.com to browse some designs and I came across one design that incorporated buzzwords. The purpose was to use the business cards to start a conversation about these buzzwords. So I used this concept and applied it to my stories, In my portfolio I have 2  stories that are my thesis ideas. They are called "Cupcake Ninja" and "Impromptu". So I used the names of my stories as buzzwords so that when i hand someone my business card they will ask about it. This will give me a chance to do a quick elevator pitch with my stories and if they are still interested I can bust out my flat portfolio or iPad and show them my boards and other things in my portfolio. I want my business cards to be a conversation starter and a direct connect to my portfolio so it will be easier to show it off. And hopefully when people take it home and look at it again they will see my buzzwords and remember me, my stories and my work. I'll be testing this out at SIGGRAPH next week!

Oh and my hand is covering the bottom of the cards so the cupcake one reads "Not a cupcake with ninja skills" and the Impromptu one says "Music and Love"

And they aren't really backwards... thank you photobooth.

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