Friday, November 9, 2012

I was trying to do a super awesome illustration all pretty and rendered. Took my time to do the line work and once I zoomed out to look at it I hated. I was only lines and I already didn't like it! So I got out of Photoshop and decided to play around in Sketchbook pro. I came out with this. And I like this way better than the other thing I barely even started. I came to a realization. I like super quick and simple. Whenever I start putting too much thought and carefulness into something it just ends up looking like poo. But when I just hack away at something, draw intuitively, quickly and freely, not only does it end up looking better, but I feel better. Being able to just draw and not think is liberating and makes me happy. Not being worried about what its going to look like at the end, not worrying about if I'm doing it "right". Just plain old doing. And then I just stop whenever I feel like it. I usually end up happier with what I drew and it makes the process so much simpler. So I'm posting this up as a reminder to myself to just do it. Just draw. No worries. Only do. Its a much better experience.

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