Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 2: Favorite Animal

Day 2: Favorite Animal

Sorry today is a little more sketchy/unfinished. But its all I had time to do for today.

I love dogs. I also love horses but the one I started to draw basically looked like a dog so I gave up...
Dogs are so funny, cute, sweet, loving, caring, entertaining, fun, yay doggies!!

My dog is Mushu. He is a min pin and he is the best doggy ever and I miss him very much right now! He's back at home cuddling with my parents while I'm all the way across the country :(

Next to him we have my brother's dogs, Optimus the greyhound and Chloe, who is also a min pin.

Nacho is my mom's future dog! He is a min pin/chihuahua mix. They are super cute and tiny! My mom will be getting him at Christmas and Mushu is going to be his buddy :)

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