Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Facebook Page

I just realized I forgot to announce this here....

I now have a Facebook page for my art! Check it out and give it a like :)


I've been pretty busy on freelance work lately and sadly don't have much to show from it. But I do have some personal projects that are in the idea stage. Trying to collect my thoughts before I start executing anything. So hopefully I'll have art I can show you soon, aside from the random doodle here and there. Also I will be heading to a Dr. Sketchy's figure drawing sessions tomorrow night so I'll be sure to update the ole blog with some figure drawings.  I'm looking forward to it!

For a general life update, I'm still surviving out here in California. I've really been enjoying living in Burbank! Still on the job hunt though, so feel free to check out my portfolio, (link above), pass my work around and contact me (katyabowserart@gmail.com)

Also general life note... It's been a year since I've graduated college. CRAZY!! Congrats to all the grads out there and good luck to you all!!!

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