Thursday, April 12, 2012


So I like to tell stories. Its kinda my thing :) So I want to tell you guys some stories. They might not be the most amaizing fantastical stories ever, but they will be special to me. When I was little my parents video taped almost our whole toddler life and I would love to watch these tapes over and over again. I was fascinated with being able to watch my past, even though I hadn't really been alive that long. It thought it was so cool to be able to watch things that I couldn't remember. All those home videos that I watched repeatedly have stayed in my mind. Sometimes I feel like I actually remember them happening. The videos helped me remember all kinds of details about my child hood. And now as I am growing and and going off into the big adult world, I don't want to forget all my childhood memories. I want to remember them as long as I can. So this is what I'm doing. I'm drawing them and and telling you guys about it. That way if I ever forget, I will always have them here to look back on. I love thinking back on my childhood and remembering all the good times. My childhood has inspired a lot of my stories and art.

So here is the earliest thing I can remember. I only assume its the earliest becuase it involves me drinking milk from a bottle.

I had a dream where my parents took me to this store full of eggs. It was a baby store and in those eggs were actual babies waiting fro parents to come and pick one out.

My parents let me pick out an egg for us. I was excited about being able to pick out my very own little baby brother or sister!

We took the egg home and it started to crack. Then right when the egg was going to hatch and I would see whether or not I got a baby brother or sister....

I woke up. I remember waking up right in between my parents in their bed.

Then I reached up and grabbed my bottle of milk that I had left in the window right before going to bed,

And I went back to sleep.

And that's the whole memory haha. There's not much to it but I think it says a lot about me. First off, I still like to drink chocolate milk every night before I got to bed. Yup, I'm a little kid. And apparently I thought babies came a eggs that you bought in a giant store. I remember my thoughts after the dream. It wasn't weird to me that babies came from eggs. It seemed completely logical. So I guess thats why I was so chill about it and just grabbed my milk and went back to sleep.

There you have it. A story from my childhood. More will be coming to you soon!