Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cruise Sketching

I just got back from a week long cruise that my parents took me on as a graduation present! It was really fun an relaxing and I'm so thankful to my parents for this wonderful gift!
 While on the cruise I did a little sketching. It started off rough at first but once I forced my self to relax and just draw it started to come a little easier to me. I learn a thing or two about sketching this week. You just gotta relax and do it! so here are my sketches from the week. I got a little shy sometimes and didn't draw as much as I had hoped but I'm working on becoming more comfortable with it. Once I let go of my inhibitions I was actually able to do things that did not feel so terrible. Just gotta let it loose :D

They uploaded in a funky order so these are not the order I drew them in.

I also got a couple stories to share with you guys from the cruise and a story from my first cruise ever when I was in 4th grade I think. So be on the lookout for those coming up!

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