Friday, May 25, 2012

Old dress

So the other day at my part-time retail job, I was doing my thing, foldng clothes and asking people if they need help. This one lady at first brushes me off with the usual, "no thanks, we're good" but right as she starts to walk away she stops, turns back towards me and says, "Actually, do you have anything that looks like that?"

"My daughter has been wearing that thing for 2 years and she won't let it go" The little girl looked at me with the saddest eyes while wearing her super faded almost brown but still kinda pink, worn and tattered tu-tu dress. I laughed, because it was pretty funny, and then walked over to where we just happened to have tu-tu dresses exactly like the one she was wearing. The lady was very graetful and called her daughter over. I go back to folding the clothes on the table and the next thing I see is the cute little girl walking away with a brand new dress.

I guess even in retail you can make a kid's dreams come true.

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