Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pre-production pitches

My 5 images that went with my story pitches for a possible senior thesis. In Pre Pro class, we pitch our ideas that we would like to make into a 2 mimute short for our senior thesis. We pitch 5 ideas, the class picks one, and then we work on it for the first half of the semester. For the second half of the semester we pitch 5 new stories and work on one till the end of the year. Then we pick one of our 2 developed stories to do for senior thesis. So these are my first 5 pitches.

And this one is the winner...
I'll be developing this story and my awesome husband will be helping me with the music.
 He is starting to put his music online so you can hear 2 of his pieces here : http://soundcloud.com/sethbowser

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